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Heathkit H8 Animated

Society of Eight-Bit Heathkit Computerists

A web site dedicated to preserving the Heathkit 8 bit computers

Dave Shaw's very informative H8 resource website

Zilog MCZ Hardware/Software/Documentation

This web site is the home of the SEBHC. The SEBHC archive contains a full set of documentation and software for use with the Heathkit H-8 and H-89 computers. All of the documentation is in the PDF format and all of the software, in the form of disk images, are in the H8D format.

Click on a link below to be taken to that section of the web site.

DOCUMENTATION for the Heathkit H-8 and H-89 computers
DOCUMENTATION for H/Z-100 computers

HDOS Y2K patch by Stanley K. Webb
Stan's Programming Aids (PDF 300KB)

Dazzle Star Disassembler updated Dec'19 by Douglas Miller & Kenneth Owen
Dazzle Star README
CHECK.ABS patched by Kenneth Owen (description)

8 inch HDOS disk images
SOFTWARE and ROM images for the Heathkit H-8 and H-89 computers

File Archive from the SEBHC Google Group (zip - 81mb)

Key sticker scans for the H8, H9 and ET3400 (zip - 40mb) [reduced sample]

Heathkit 8-bit Computer Memory Map Description

SEBHC Photos From Members

Heathkit H-19/H-89 Emulator

A software emulator for the Heathkit H-19 terminal and H-89 computer
H19 Emulator V2 w/built-in H89 emulator (Win x64)
H19 Emulator V2 w/built-in H89 emulator (Linux x64)

Heathkit H-19 Emulator for Linux

Linux H19 Emulator by George Farris


The H8D Utility

Heathkit H-8 Emulator

Dave Wallace H8 Emulator and source code

Heathkit H-8 PCBs

A complete set of replacement boards for the H-8 computer can be found here. These are all new designs based on the original Heathkit schematics with the exception of the H8-Z80-64 CPU board which is an original design.


KiCad Project Files (9.5mb) for all of my PCBS.

Using the PCBs available from the above link it is possible to construct a complete working Heathkit H-8 clone computer. I call the clone the H8-2000 but it has also been dubbed the L-8 (for Les-8) by other members of the group. For detailed instructions on how to build a complete working H-8 clone click the link below:

H8-2000 Construction Notes (click here to download a PDF version)

Heathkit computers and file storage options

The GIDE is an IDE hard disk interface for Z80 based computers. To get the GIDE to work with Heathkit computers click the link below. At this time the GIDE will only work under the CP/M operating system.


The SVD is an electronic floppy disk with 256K of onboard RAM. The HSFE is a device that simulates hard sector pulses so you can use 3.5" floppy drives with the H17 hard sector controller card.


Heathkit computer related links:

Les Bird's personal Heathkit computer collection

Mark Garlanger's Heathkit computer site

Herb Johnson's Heathkit H8 computer

George Farris' H8 + Linux tools page

Norberto's H8 Website (PCBs and more)

September 4, 2021